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About Swissmem Academy

Swissmem Academy is Swissmem’s training and advice centre for qualified specialists and managers in technology-oriented companies. Our offering includes courses, seminars and in-house training.

Our offer for you

Our courses give qualified specialists and managers a sound continuing education, allowing them to acquire up-to-date knowledge for higher-level tasks. Courses mainly lead to a certificate or in some cases even a legally protected job title.

Our efficiently structured seminars provide stimuli and expertise on a very wide range of everyday business topics in the shortest possible time. Seminars are geared towards practical dissemination of learning content which can be successfully applied in everyday working life within just a few days.

In-house training
To develop whole teams, and for specific matters not covered by the standard courses, in-house training is a good option. An individual consultation and learning content tailored to your business are an efficient way to support your teams’ learning success.

Our trainers come from real-world settings and understand the needs of the industry. We teach and advise using modern methods tailored to our target audience. Our top priority is transferring theory into practice; the aim is for our students to be able to put the things they have learned into everyday practice rapidly and easily.

We offer great value for money and an additional discount for Swissmem members.

French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino regions
In French-speaking Switzerland, there has been a cooperation with the educational institutions CIP Tramelan and Cursus Formation Lausanne since 2020. These two institutes grant Swissmem member companies attractive discounts on selected courses (see course offer on this website).

In Ticino, we are a founding member of the Campus Formativo Industriale association, which offers further education for Swissmem members in Ticino.

For companies from all language regions, we also offer customised, in-house training in German, French, Italian and English. Contact us for a non-binding consultation!

Our method

High practical relevance, exchange of experiences with other participants and the greatest possible transfer of what has been learned into one's own practice are our demands on high-quality educational offers. In our opinion, this is only possible through sensible learning concepts that take into account different methods and forms, which are adapted to the reality of the participants. This approach is called blended learning. The term «blended» refers to the purposefully designed interaction of the different learning phases (preparation, implementation, transfer), where different forms, methods and media are used.

To ensure that blended learning can be optimally applied in our courses, we continuously invest in our learning environment «MEMcampus». This is a platform that accompanies participants through the different learning phases and allows them to use all formats (learning videos, learning programmes, online courses, virtual classrooms and also course materials in electronic form).

Our team


Education management


Our advisory board

The advisory board serves as a representative and voice for our clients, the companies from the tech industry and their employees. It gives us impulses from practice, questions our decisions and strategies, so that we can align our offer in the best possible way to the needs of our customers. The advisory board consists of the following representatives:

To top

Name Function Company
Ute Wege (President) Head Quality Schurter AG Luzern
Alain Kiener Production manager Bieri Hydraulik AG Liebefeld
Daniel Gambon Head Legal Unit AMFR Rieter Management AG Winterthur
Nathalie Isautier Head of Human Resources GF Machining Solutions Biel
Helene MĂĽller CHRO RUAG MRO Holding AG Bern
Sonja Studer Head of department education Swissmem ZĂĽrich
Sabrina Thalmann Head Learning & Development EMEA BĂĽhler AG Uzwil
Dominique Wullschleger Learning & Development Manager Bobst Mex SA Lausanne
Patrick Kern CEO BRUGG eConnect AG

History – from the Werkmeisterschule to the Swissmem Academy

The Swissmem Academy has a long tradition that goes back to 1946, the year it was founded. Back then, Winterthur was still an industrial heartland with companies such as Sulzer and SLM, and thus the ideal location for the Werkmeisterschule, or master craftsman college. Come with us on a journey through time:

Year Event
1946 Foundation and start of the first apprenticeship for master craftsmen at the Metallarbeiterschule (MSW, metalworkers college).
1976 Move into the new Werkmeisterschule ASM at BrĂĽhlbergstrasse 5. The building was a former SLM welfare house where its employees could eat and shower cheaply. Today, the building is a primary school.
1991 Move into the newly constructed training centre at BrĂĽhlbergstrasse 4. Change of name from ASM Werkmeisterschule to ASM Kaderschule.
1999 Change of name to Swissmem Kaderschule.
2016 70th anniversary celebration at Casino Winterthur and change of name to Swissmem Academy.
2019 Introduction of a new Learning Management System to support our blended learning approach.
2020 Due to the coronavirus measures, teaching is mainly held online for almost two years, and various digitalization measures are advanced.
2023 Renovation of training centre, new furniture in the training rooms.

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