Eine Person in Schutzkleidung zeigt die kurzfristige Lean-Planung einer Produktion. Durch die Weiterbildung an der Swissmem Academy ist die Person bestens auf diese Aufgabe vorbereitet.

Lean management

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Step by step to sustainable success

Mindset, not tools: Anyone wanting to optimize processes in day-to-day business would be well advised not to rely on tools alone. Lean management goes beyond the use of tools or professional expertise and also incorporates a fit-for-purpose mindset.

For a business to succeed in the long term, you have to keep a close and constant look-out for potential improvements. The lean management approach consists of principles, methods and above all a change of mindset within a business which can be leveraged to optimize processes.

Tools such as kaizen, Toyota or TQM play an important role. But using these is not enough by itself. Successfully taking small steps towards improvement is also a question of  corporate culture and, at the individual level, the right personal attitude.

The training courses on offer focus on a practical approach through visits to organizations and exchanges with subject-matter experts. Currently there are two courses on offer: one solidly production-oriented, the other with a generalist and cross-industry focus, covering all relevant lean themes and with the option of an academic qualification at the end (CAS, in cooperation with HWZ).

With blended learning, we place a strong focus on practical application, which is meaningfully and sustainably complemented by our teaching of theory.

Our lean management course trainers bring extensive experience to the table; to supplement this, we emphasize the need for dialogue within the industry concerned.


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Last update: 15.11.2021