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Customer focus as a success factor for your business

Any company looking to position itself successfully in the market puts its customers’ needs and concerns at centre-stage. Competent presentation and attentive interaction are the hallmarks of a professional customer service operation.

Personal contacts generate trust and loyalty. It is essential for customer-facing employees to react to their customers’ concerns in an attentive, efficient and solution-focused manner. A professional presence and good communication skills convey an impression of competence and are vital for shaping positive long-term business relationships.

The trainers delivering our courses have both theoretical and methodological knowledge and are familiar with the challenges facing customer service staff from their own experience. They give tips for practitioners that make all the difference when dealing with customers in their day-to-day working lives.

«The «CAS Leading Engineers» course gives me the confidence to cope well even with difficult sales situations.»

Tobias Henne, Head of Sales and Business Development, Wolfensberger AG


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Last update: 15.11.2021