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Practice-oriented, sustainable, implementable

Businesses often have highly specific requirements for the training and development of their teams and employees. That’s why all of our training content and programmes can also be offered in a form tailored to the needs of individual companies.

Businesses that invest in tailored training can develop their employees and teams to exactly the right points to move the business forward. We hold a consultation with you to jointly determine the areas you want to prioritize. Acknowledged experts work with participants to develop sustainable measures in accordance with our practice-proven «blended learning» concept.

We work alongside your business to plan and implement your training.


  • Supporting team leaders in their understanding of their role, leading appraisal interviews, conflict resolution meetings, communication behaviour, etc.
  • Training for leading innovative and agile teams
  • Developing an in-house project management framework with appropriate processes and documents
  • Update and further development: «Leading on the shop floor»
  • Fostering of personal responsibility in relation to resilience, self-management, self-care, etc.
  • Strategic development support for senior management with support for implementation at all levels of management
  • Introduction of OKR (Objective Key Results)

In our work we focus on an active and integrated training process, with an emphasis on helping individual participants to develop and unlock their full potential and strengthening cooperation within teams. We focus on a results-based, human and participatory working and learning atmosphere. The learning content supports the implementation of the company’s strategy. Students develop measures which can be implemented and applied in everyday practice.

Courses can be held in German, English, French or Italian. We look forward to hearing from you.

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