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Success through efficient self-organization

Complexity and change are increasingly hallmarks of the world of work. Someone who knows their own resources well can meet these challenges competently with smart self-organization.

How do people manage to deal with pressure, or even stress, when goals are constantly changing and long-term planning is becoming increasingly difficult? One important constant in the continuously changing world of work is self-management. Someone who reflects on and manages their own behaviour can stay on top of things even when faced with complex tasks. In this way they can successfully set the necessary priorities in a flexible and relaxed way, maintain their focus and optimize their own energy balance.  

Our self-management course trainers not only bring a theoretical and methodological background to the table, but are also familiar with the day-to-day demands facing industrial companies from their own experience. They share their own practical tips for optimizing your self-management.

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Last update: 15.11.2021