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Leading yourself and others to success

Every business wants and needs motivated employees. How do you, as a manager, create the right framework conditions and objectives to foster motivation and make teams ready to develop, to try out new things, and to go the proverbial extra mile with their dedication?

«You only see what you know.» That’s why self-reflection plays an important role for leaders and line managers. Over time, everyone develops practices and habits which need to be consciously noted and challenged on a regular basis. Supplemented by communication and conflict management skills, an individual’s own actions can be directed appropriately and sustainably.

Our offerings in the area of management topics are diverse and range from one-day, specific seminars to comprehensive training courses and to CAS qualifications. Our focus here is on high practical relevance and learning from others’ experiences.

The trainers we employ bring extensive management, coaching and consulting experience to the table, as well as wide-ranging industry knowledge. They know the concerns of managers and are familiar with the particular challenges faced by SMEs – which, for managers, often entail working within a generalist field that also includes specialist tasks alongside the management role.

With blended learning, we place a strong focus on practical application, which is meaningfully and sustainably complemented by our teaching of theory. Our methodical approach ranges from outdoor activities and the virtual campus through to visits to company premises.


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Last update: 15.11.2021